Course Lists

10.213: Undergraduate Thermodynamics

10.40: Graduate Thermodynamics

10.65: Chemical Reactor Engineering

10.541: Kinetics of Biological and Chemical Systems

10.37: Chemical Kinetics and Reactor Design

10.27: Process Engineering Laboratory

10.675: Molecular Computational Methods in Chemical Engineering

10.491: Chemical Engineering Design Module

10A16: Freshman Advising Seminar

10.04J: Philosophical History of Energy

10.01: Ethics for Engineers

10.02: Foundations of Principled Entrepreneurship for Engineers

10.07, 10.08: Cultural Studies for Chemical Engineering Graduate Students

E4E:  Ethics For Engineers

MIT Professional Education Advanced Study Program

Formulation and Stabilization of Biotherapeutics
Explore the latest strategies for stabilizing biotherapeutics, with a focus on solving mechanisms of instability. Designed for scientists and engineers working in biopharmaceutical discovery, development, and manufacturing, this dynamic four-day course explores actionable new approaches for overcoming challenges related to the complexity of biotherapeutics, including proven approaches for streamlining stabilization during every stage of the production process.

Ethics of AI: Safeguarding Humanity
Learn to navigate the ethical challenges inherent to AI development and implementation. Led by MIT thought leaders, this course will deepen your understanding of AI as you examine machine bias and other ethical risks, and assess your individual and corporate responsibilities. Over the course of three days, you’ll address the ethical aspects of AI deployment in your workplace—and gain a greater understanding of how to utilize AI in ways that benefit mankind.