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10.213: Undergraduate Thermodynamics

10.40: Graduate Thermodynamics

10.65: Chemical Reactor Engineering

10.541: Kinetics of Biological and Chemical Systems

10.37: Chemical Kinetics and Reactor Design

10.27: Process Engineering Laboratory

10.675: Molecular Computational Methods in Chemical Engineering

10.491: Chemical Engineering Design Module

10A16: Freshman Advising Seminar

10.04J: Philosophical History of Energy

10.01: Ethics for Engineers

10.02: Foundations of Principled Entrepreneurship for Engineers

10.07, 10.08: Cultural Studies for Chemical Engineering Graduate Students

SEE:  Society, Engineering, & Ethics

MIT Professional Education Advanced Study Program

Formulation and Stabilization of Biotherapeutics
Jun 10, 2019
Jun 13, 2019
Biotherapeutics are complex sets of molecules with numerous routes of both chemical and physical instability, which can manifest from development to manufacturing. Addressing these instabilities is a great challenge, because of the complexity of the biotherapeutics themselves, the mechanisms of instability, and the approaches to solve them.